This was taken at Slutwalk Boston 2011.  I’ve done several of these kinds of events and sometimes the crowd can be dull, so I was wondering about that. I’ve also had a tough time performing at the Boston Common gazebo in the past, because organizers want to use it as a stage, even though it’s like 15 feet off the ground with a railing between speaker and crowd. And to top it off, it started raining right as I was set to go on and the PA system had to be turned off as a safety precaution. 
So I suggested to the organizers that we just pack the hundred plus people left in the crowd into the gazebo with me, and I would perform with just a bullhorn. Really, it was the ideal situation for me and it went over very well.
I’m not sure how I feel about the whole “reclaiming the word slut" angle, but as a sex-positive, anti-sexual assault rally, it was a good event. It was nice to perform at an event and have my fellow volunteers at BARCC ( in the crowd. Also, I went out for ice cream with Jaclyn Friedman afterwards, which is cray-cray. Her book is called Yes Means Yes: Visions of Sexual Power and A World Without Rape, and you should know about it.
This bridge is part of a park in Eau Claire, WI. It is the first place I ever said the words below at full volume. It was isolated enough and the river was so loud that I could really let go. 

i am not jasmine, not aladdin
i’m not a fucking cartoon, i was a bad kid
and i can admit it now but i can’t imagine
not bettering myself instead of trying to cash in

on this aggression that always has been
fasionable, as long as i act masculine
when i would rather put my treasure where my ass is
and bask in it like a dungeon dragon

like a dungeon dragon
like a dungeon dragon
you can call me faggot
i won’t even react because i don’t think it’s a bad thing

to be that fabulous, be that hazardous
to the status quo, i know no one asked for this
but shit i just get so passionate
and i’m holding back- this aint the half of it

if your culture’s bigoted, i clash with it
like pink and black, you don’t match my outfit
in fact, you can’t even match my wits
i run circles around fast food idiots

hit the elliptical machine, my ass is fantastic
ask your girlfriend after she’s done slapping it
mastered sex acts you can’t even grasp yet
i don’t even need a partner to practice

natural as a back spasm twitch
i know orgasms like the back of my fist
act explicit, happily blasphemous
i dont give a shit if you consider it sacriledge

just say my name like you gots to have it
i’ll be all up on your tongue like a tab of acid
if you aint tripping then get off my block
got some hippies out in Boston that’ll alter thoughts

take intolerance as an attack to wit
i say that to say this, aint an activist
it’s just i’m starting to feel like a bunch of bad shit
could happen at any minute and i ain’t having it

don’t preach to me how weakness works
like each of my sweet teeth for darkness doesnt hurt
like i aint never been beat down in the dirt
by a man trying to use me to prove his worth

refusing to see how he choose words
can be used to excuse all the hurt on earth
if you don’t get that, don’t bother asking
the fuck i look like spoon-feeding a bastard

serial monogamist having kids
as a backup plan to make life seem legit
if that’s being straight, pass the dick
i didnt come here to take you to task for shit

but while i’m at it, imma smash to bits
your little definition of whatever gender is
i remember this before i comprehended tits
being a chick was as bad as it gets

a bunch of little kids spitting the word bitch
as a punchline to a joke i didnt get
but if i didnt laugh it’d be on me next
so i had to act as if it couldnt matter less

then i graduated to this artist shit
thinking maybe that would be the last of it
but no, for most that’s just a mask for it
put her on a pedestal like she asked for it

ficticious mistress bashed for just
not fitting in the script of a hypocrit’s
sacchrine ballad, you ASCAP rich
im in a stranger’s kitchen passing a hat for tips

all you after’s profit, that’s exactly that’s wrong
everybody knows you aint nothing but a pop song
imma need to see your fucking hands chopped off
what you think i talk for, watch you take what’s not yours?

like a dungeon dragon
Dungeons and Dragons
i’m the Dungeon Master
i frame conversations, you just react to them
This is a picture of an elevator I got on one time. Everything turned out to be fine though.
In case it isn’t clear, the entries on this website are not even approaching chronological order. I post new things when I can, but sometimes that’s months after the fact. Or I get it into my head to post about something the day after it happens, then post something that happened months ago after that. Sometimes I write and entry right away then post it later, and sometimes I just try to remember everything I can about the last six months of my life in one sitting.
I’ve decided to try to offer some helpful tips to travelers and live performers. Mostly this will tend towards the technological and practical. Do not ask me how MIDI works. I will not tell you.
The first thing tip I have is about wrapping and organizing cables. No matter what type of cable you’re dealing with, properly wrapping and storing it will ensure it lasts a while. Especially with audio cables, which are coiled inside the exterior sheath, if you wrap it around your elbow or otherwise stress the length, the signal quality and stability can deteriorate really quickly.I’m not sure I can explain the proper technique of cable wrapping in words; it’s something you have to just feel out for each cable you use. For most audio cables the standard is “over-under,” though I tend to use a little more fluid method that involves twisting my wrist on each pass. I’ve been asked to wrap a cable as part of a job interview and was told my methods were unorthodox but effective.One tip that’s useful for any type of cable, however, is to save the little twist tie things that most cables come with. (They’re similar to the ties packaged with garbage bags.) After you’ve opened the cable, stretch out the tie and twist one end tightly around the cable, near it’s termination. Then when you’ve wrapped the cable, use the tie to secure the wrap. This will help keep your cables from getting tangled and, as opposed to velcro ties, it won’t wear out and is more rigid, allowing you to use it to stabilize a cable in loose connection jack.
While travelling through Michigan, I stayed with my buddy Quentin from Small Houses. I met him when he played at the Whitehaus while I was subletting the Peace, Loving room. I made him latkes for breakfast, and he returned the favor by letting me staying at his sweet cabin.11/18/10 was all about Basement 414 in Lansing, MI. This was a really cool spot, half community bike shop, half community performance space. I got a good vibe from the place immediately, and people were really supportive of my whole thing. I am definitely going to come back here.
I had the night off, so I went to see Wham City’s sketch comedy tour at the Burton Theater in Detroit. The building is a repurposed elementary school, pictured is the bathroom/ billiard’s lounge. I freestyled in cipher with Dan Deacon (of Drinking Out of Cups YouTube fame) after the show. I am still not good at freestyling, but I’m also not a sucka.When I woke up, the dogs who live at the house I was staying at had eaten a 1/2 pound of coffee beans out of my bag, so my morning looked like this:
I got to the show just in time to set up and go on. It was hectic. Do you know that it takes 11 hours to drive from Philadelphia to Cincinatti by yourself? I sure do.This show was kind of an indie prog rock deal. One of the guys in the headlining band was a sound guy from New York, so he was pretty happy about The Sound Guy’s Revenge. Also, people did the call and response thing I’ve been working on. I didn’t really expect them to, but it went great.This is a picture of the building behind Camp Washington Diner, which purports to have invented Cincinnati style chili. I’ve been informed that’s kind of a dubious claim.
This show was at a little place called The Random Teahouse. I played with Drums Like Machine Guns. The other acts on the bill leaned towards the noise-ish, so I think people were surprised when I started talking and yelling after building up the beat for my first song. Folks were very supportive, though.Then I went with Megan Thoma to stay at Cristin and Shappy Shaptowitz’s house. Shappy’s writing room has an original Castle Greyskull He-Man action figure playset. It took my breath away. I have an incredibly vivid tactile memory of running my fingers along the inside of the eye sockets, but I did not touch it.
This is from the Halloween show put on by the Sock Hop folks at a house called The Dirty Douglas in Lowell, MA. It was the debut of the new set, including a brand new song I finished that day called “Get Closer.” I never know how people are going to react to my stuff; I feel like I really demand a lot of attention from the audience and sometimes that turns people off if they’re expecting some ambient electronic music. But there were a bunch of really supportive folks here and I felt like I did the room justice.
Then I did a show at the Lowell Poetry Slam at Brew’d Awakenings Coffeehouse, the following Thursday. It was a completely different scene, not just in the house show/ poetry night sense, but this crowd was almost entirely under the age of 18. And they were amped up and ready to talk about The Issues! After the place closed, they spilled out the front door still reading each other poems out of their notebooks. One kid who couldn’t have been more than 15 came up to buy a book and said he’d never been to an open mic before, he just happened to be in town with nothing else to do, and that he would definitely be coming back. Such a good feeling.
This is from a showcase I performed at on August 4th, 2010 called The Vetted Word, organized by the fantastic Olga Rosales and hosted by the dapper Baruch Porras-Hernandez. I brought one nice outfit with me on the trip because I wear a lot of hats, so to speak, and I never know when I’ll need to be dressed up. I could’ve gotten away with not dressing up for this but I knew Olga was wearing a pink skirt, and I am no sucker.
The venue was a really cool antique shop with old maritime equipment and type writers. I was really excited to see Lynn Gentry out at the show, who is something of a minor celebrity for typing poems for people at the corner of Haight-Ashbury.
Other things I did before I left the Bay: lost a slam to 11-year-old girl at Tourette’s Without Regrets, watched “Sucker Free City” in Hunter’s Point, spent an afternoon reading in the upstairs room at City Lights Bookstore and had a smoke in the office Hunter S. Thompson used when he was night manager of the O’Farrell Theater.
This place is near 21st and Mission. Sadly, I was not able to get inside of it.
I did get inside the reception area of a men’s bath house for an open mic called Kvetch. It was relatively chilled out crowd, small intimate space; the only real difference between this and most poetry venues is the nude unisex restrooms.The most memorable part of the night was an mature gentleman partially clothed in a towel. He starts by saying he’s going to give us a bit of survival information. I’ll admit, I was trying to position my head so the person in front of me would block my view, if only so i could actually concentrate on what he was saying, so at this point i couldn’t see the plastic cup he was using to cover  up his genitals.He tells a story about some people who were lost in a desert or a mountain or something, and how several of them died because they refused to drink their own urine. Then, he stops and attempts to unrinate into the cup. At first he was having some trouble getting the stream flowing, but the level of support from the audience was really heartening. People were snapping their fingers, shouting advice, talking about what kind of liquids to drink, in what quantity, and how far in advance to performing this kind of act. Eventually, he fills the cup a little over halfway and chugs it down in one gulp."next up… Erish Hogan!"